Mission Statement

The NBS mission is to serve our global customers and become their trusted partner in protecting or rehabilitating their pipelines from internal corrosion and abrasion.

When we say, “We Never Stop Working For You” it means (1) that we will be completely responsive to our partner’s needs and concerns at any time and anywhere in the world, and (2) that our advanced HDPE lining system will continue working trouble-free to help prevent environmentally damaging leaks.

NBS came into existence because the global mining and oil & gas industries were lacking a cost effective and environmentally beneficial solution to their internal corrosion and abrasion problems. Although oversized HDPE lining has been practiced since the 1980’s, there has never been a company willing to work closely with their customers to understand and address all of their concerns. NBS is continuously working toward the best customer solutions and continuously improving the technologies employed to better satisfy their customer’s needs.

With our clear mission and our close working customer/partner relationships, we are excited to become the NEW worldwide leader in HDPE lining.