Company Information

NBS – Global Pipeline Rehabilitation Solutions

NBS is the new global leader in providing high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lining systems for internal pipeline protection. NBS can respond quickly with the specialized expertise, personnel, equipment and material resources necessary to complete turnkey projects anywhere in the world, on time, and on budget.

HDPE Worldwide

HDPE lining has been used for over 30 years and in over 20,000 kilometers on six continents to protect pipelines and prevent pipeline leaks and failures and lost production, and to prevent environmental damage resulting from any leaks.

Tight Lining Technology

NBS uses our Tight Liner Technology (TLT), a process that enables an oversized HDPE liner to fit tightly inside a host pipe. The installation of the tight-fitting HDPE liner provides a continuous and holiday-free barrier between the corrosive/abrasive material and the inside of the host pipe.

One-Stop Pipeline Construction, Protection, and Rehabilitation

NBS is your one-stop for pipeline restoration projects. Our industry-leading thermoplastic lining experts can provide a complete package solution covering everything from: • planning and procurement • trenchless technology excavation • flanges, fittings and lining • to hydrotesting and site cleanup.

Global Presence

Our global presence via established entities or partners in Australia, Brazil, China and Morocco give us rapid-response capabilities, to complete projects on time, and on budget. Our specialized expertise, personnel, equipment and material resources ensure the highest quality pipeline rehabilitation solution.


NBS is possessed by safe operating performance to the point that if any step is to be taken on a project, it is to be done safely...or not at all.


NBS adheres to the highest quality standards to guarantee that every aspect of a project is done once...because it is done right the first time.

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