Engineering Services

NBS Pipeline Services, Inc. (NBS) is dedicated to becoming the new leader in pipeline integrity management. Our core principals of quality, efficiency, and integrity are exemplified in a highly proficient and technically skilled team.

NBS Pipeline Services thrives on a shared mission: to ensure the safety and reliability of pipeline systems. Our mission is driven by a commitment in supporting our clients to meet and exceed industry requirements while fostering a sound decision making process.

NBS Pipeline Services has provided engineering and technical services and project support to natural gas producers, transmission pipeline operators, and local distribution companies to successfully complete pipeline integrity management assessments and initiatives.

We possess qualified engineering experiences that are diverse and unique. We pledge client satisfaction by offering an entire suite of services from Project Management, Geographic Information System (GIS) support, onsite pipeline & equipment inspection, integrity assessment, complete Maximum Allowable Operating Pressure (MAOP) Analysis, and Report Generation. Certificates of Insurance information are available upon request.



The depth and breadth of experience of NBS Pipeline Services personnel – specifically in the pipeline and natural gas industries – serves our clients well in our ability to apply our knowledge, skills and techniques to manage and execute projects effectively and efficiently. Our Project Managers plan, organize, motivate, and optimize resources to meet and exceed project milestones. Working closely with our clients, we follow procedures and protocols while effectively controlling and managing resources available to achieve project, and by extension, business goals.



A geographic information system (GIS) of a utility company’s natural gas transmission system has become an indispensable tool for managing and helping to ensure the safety and reliability of their system. NBS Pipeline Services has the ability and experience to provide on-site support to assist our clients with geospatial system development and operations. With experience ranging from data development and modeling to GIS analysis and mapping services, members of the NBS Pipeline Services staff can use a client’s data & conversion tools while providing the quality assurance necessary to turn existing pipeline feature data to robust spatial data that will provide all of the accurate information relied upon within a company’s GIS database.


NBS Pipeline Services offers experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated professionals with decades of experience in the pipeline construction industry. We can provide quality independent inspection services for a client’s pipelines and facilities to confirm the assets are safe, reliable and compliant to existing regulations and internal client standards.


We offer experienced services in pipeline design including routing, land survey coordination, trenchless technology selection and design, valve replacement and automation, hydraulic modeling, as well as regulatory compliance analysis. Our facility design offerings include compressor engineering and commissioning, process control and instrumentation, basic SCADA, regulator and meter station sizing and design, relief valve sizing, as well as basic electrical design.


NBS Pipeline Services provides a full range of in-house pipeline integrity management and integrity assessment services, and NBS maintains partnerships with other established and reputable companies to provide more extensive pipeline Direct Assessment (DA), in-line inspections (ILI) analysis and upgrades, as well as strength test planning and calculation.


As it relates specifically to the MAOP Analysis and Validation, here is a more detailed explanation of our capabilities:

Pipeline Feature List (PFL) and Station Feature List (SFL) Modeling and Quality Control

By reviewing and analyzing historical pipeline purchase, job construction, and testing documentation, NBS Pipeline Services can assist in the creation and management of an Asset Knowledge base for mission critical improvement of the safety and reliability of our clients’ gas transmission and distribution facilities. We specialize in the review, analysis, and application of Strength Test Pressure Reports to ensure that pipelines comply with and are MAOP validated per current and historic federal regulations. Our overall analysis is traditionally summarized in spreadsheet form on a feature-by-feature basis to capture the information required by our clients.

The PFL and SFL models that are generated by NBS Pipeline Services undergo stringent internal Quality control processes to ensure that our work product meets or exceeds the standards set by our clients. Not only do we provide our clients with PFL and SFL models, but we are also able to perform independent Quality Control analysis on models and MAOP reports created by others to ensure that they have been completed per the guidelines established and standards set by the client.

Field Inspection & Verification

When document research and engineering assessments alone cannot completely validate MAOP, NBS Pipeline Services has the experienced personnel to provide and manage field digs and above-grade site visits to make a final determination of pipeline feature specifications and pressure ratings.

To maximize results and minimize costs, our management of this process includes overseeing all facets of the pipeline validation excavations (i.e., scope, schedule, cost analysis) and communicating/approving any scope changes. We also ensure that all requirements, such as gas control notifications, community updates, legal, etc., are met before excavations proceed.

Furthermore, we have the experience and ability to manage permits in partnership with a client’s Land & Environmental Management Team, and to communicate proposed work to the appropriate division or district maintenance organizations and applicable regulatory bodies.

Document Typing, Research, Rating, and Application

NBS Pipeline Services has the knowledge and experience of researching, categorizing, and rating documents typical in the gas pipeline industry. Whether the data maintained by your company is vast or limited, we have the ability to maximize the value of those resources. From As-Builts to mill reports to transport tags to X-Ray maps, we can process your documents all the way from hard-copy sorting and scanning to referencing for a specific pipeline feature. NBS Pipeline Services works with our clients to make sure that their records are traceable, verifiable, and complete.

Maintenance & Corrections

Like NBS Pipeline Services, all of our clients strive to utilize best practices and implement continuous improvement systems and processes. For those clients that have already made great progress with their MAOP Validation efforts, NBS Pipeline Services can assist in establishing an ongoing procedure to Maintain and Correct already established records, reports, and Pipeline Feature lists. If a client has established methods to update data within their collection and record keeping systems, we can assist in maintaining compliance as pipeline construction projects and regulations change.

Engineering Assessment and Issue Resolution

The experienced team at NBS Pipeline Services specializes in utilizing their engineering and pipeline knowledge to analyze and assess pipeline and station systems. Historical documentation is sometimes missing and sometimes conflicting. One of the many advantages of NBS Pipeline Services is our ability to analyze and assess and work closely with our clients to ascertain the most likely field scenarios based in part on the construction convention of each client and of each era. When pipeline feature data is inconclusive, pressure test applicability cannot be easily determined, or MAOP cannot be clearly validated, NBS Pipeline Services specializes in Issue Resolution for final approval from our clients.