Why NBS Polyethylene Pipe Lining Solutions

Welcome to NBS, the new global leader in polyethylene pipe lining solutions.

From the time that oil pipelines were first used in the 1860’s, pipelines have generally been considered the most economical method of transporting large quantities of oil and gas. This general theory has held true for other materials including chemicals, municipal water and wastewater, and slurry transport of solid materials.

Pipelines have been around and in transport service for a very long time, and many of the service applications are inherently corrosive and/or abrasive. If the pipeline economic life ends before the continuing transportation need, replacement of these transportation lifelines can prove too costly. Fortunately, NBS offers a high density polyethylene (HDPE) lining rehabilitation and protection solution that has both a lower cost and shorter lead time.

Polyethylene Pipe Lining has been used for over 30 years and in over 20,000 kilometers to protect pipelines and prevent pipeline leaks and failures and lost production, and to prevent environmental damage resulting from any leaks.

NBS is the new global leader in providing high-density polyethylene (HDPE) lining systems for internal pipeline protection. With office facilities in Australia, Brazil, China, and Morocco, NBS can respond quickly with the specialized personnel, equipment and material resources necessary to complete turnkey projects anywhere in the world.

Polyethylene Pipe Lining

Clean & Safe

Our HDPE pipe lining solutions protect the environment by preventing leaks, and eliminating the need for pipeline corrosion inhibitors. With HDPE linings, oil and gas, mining, and municipal pipelines require significantly less repair, maintenance, and replacement.

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Global Leader

Our global presence via established entities or partners in Australia, Brazil, China and Morocco give us rapid-response capabilities, to complete projects on time, and on budget.

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NBS is led by experienced thermoplastic lining executives and industry leaders to provide a cost effective and environmentally beneficial HDPE lining solution for our customers. To discuss a specific project or application, please email us.

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Oversized Liner Technology (OLT)

NBS uses our Oversized Liner Technology (OLT), a process that enables an oversized HDPE liner to fit tightly inside a host pipe.

The OLT involves the manufacture of a thermoplastic liner – predominately HDPE – with a larger outside diameter (OD) than the inside diameter (ID) of the host pipeline to be lined.

During the OLT process, the thermoplastic liner OD is temporarily reduced to allow insertion of the liner and subsequent expansion after releasing all axial and radial tension. The installation of the tight-fitting HDPE liner provides a continuous and holiday-free barrier between the corrosive/abrasive material and the inside of the host pipe.

For inquiries, please download this questionnaire, fill it out, save as a new PDF and send the completed questionnaire to info@hdpelining.com

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