Market Segments for HDPE Lining

NBS provides effective interior pipeline abrasion and corrosion solutions across a wide range of industries. We successfully address pipeline protection for oil and gas, mining, and municipal market segments by providing the most effective internal pipeline solutions. Within these market segments, there are a multitude of additional services that are well suited for an internal corrosion and abrasion resistant thermoplastic liner. High-density polyethylene (HDPE) lining is often the best cost and time saving alternative to traditional dig and replace methods.


Oil & Gas

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) lining provides superior protection against corrosion for a diverse range of oil and gas pipeline projects -- especially those pipelines containing: Water Injection and Disposal, Sour gas, Three-phase oil emulsion, and crude oil.


NBS can utilize our OLT solution to protect mining related pipelines from abrasion and erosion that is oftentimes combined with corrosion using an abrasion resistant HDPE lining. Common applications include Tailings Lines, Concentrate Lines, Pregnant Leach Solution Lines, and Acid Lines.


The same corrosion resistant properties of HDPE that are beneficial to industrial markets are also useful to rehabilitate the world’s aging municipal infrastructure. The pressure containing properties of HDPE and the low-dig OLT solution make this a cost and time saving alternative to traditional dig and replace for water and sewer transmission lines.