"Safety First" is not a standard cliche or afterthought at NBS – it is a fundamental core value which shapes the NBS culture company-wide.

At all organizational levels, from the field to the office during every part of every day, we are focused on protecting the health and safety of our employees and coworkers, as well as the communities and job sites where we do our work.

This commitment benefits our customers, stakeholders, and team members by increasing productivity, quality of craftsmanship, and employee morale, while controlling costs and eliminating accident related expenditures by eliminating accidents. Period.

Our HSE team is far and away the most experienced in the HDPE lining industry. The team consists of the Director of HSE, HSE Managers, and local jobsite safety representatives in addition to the responsibility and accountability all employees undertake.

Primary Principles:

  • Vigilant oversight and daily job safety analysis (JSA)
  • Daily advance planning for safe and effective worksites
  • Sound operating practices and appropriate team safety training
  • Cultivation of an “all for one and one for all” philosophy in which every team member is responsible for the rest of the team as well as his/her own safety
The NBS commitment to safe operating performance embodies our broader philosophy: If any step is to be taken on a project, it is to be done correctly...or not at all.
NBS: committed to providing the gold-standard in HDPE lining for pipeline protection and rehabilitation.


The cornerstone of the NBS philosophy is an unwavering dedication to a standard of excellence that is second to none.

We are firmly committed to meeting our customers' needs and expectations in all operations, on time, and on budget, with the highest levels of distinction, service, and craftsmanship.

The NBS quality assurance and quality control group is charged with maintaining the quality of the overall HDPE lining installation project, and they are intimate with the processes and the associated document generation and control. The NBS Director of Quality will supervise all QA/QC Inspectors – one for each installation crew and one to provide QA/QC on material and maintaining ISO 9001 Standards. The Quality Department trains all individuals to the highest NBS Quality standards.

Essential Elements

  • Quality assurance program and in-house HDPE lining specification for all product manufacturing
  • Company-wide operational procedure guides, training programs, and comprehensive project planning
  • Dedication to recording detailed field conditions and outcomes for all pipe lining construction and rehabilitation projects


Our Commitment

At NBS, we are firmly committed to environmental leadership, and aim to provide “green” solutions to pipeline projects worldwide.

NBS in Action: We apply the "leave no trace" ethic to our worksites, removing all litter and leaving only our HDPE footprint behind.

Our Pledge: Thinking creatively and working cooperatively, NBS is pledged to environmental stewardship, for our shared planet and future.

Environmental Benefits of HDPE Technology

Our HDPE pipe lining solutions protect the environment by preventing leaks, and eliminating the need for pipeline corrosion inhibitors. With HDPE linings, oil and gas, mining, and municipal pipelines require significantly less repair, maintenance, and replacement. Additionally, NBS’ trenchless technology diminishes disruptive digging, minimizing the social and environmental impact of pipeline rehabilitation.

NBS: the global leader in environmentally-sound pipeline protection and rehabilitation solutions.