Global Presence

NBS is the new worldwide leader providing the customized material, specialized equipment, and experienced manpower to line and protect new and existing pipelines with a corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant thermoplastic liner.

As natural resource discoveries are made and environmental protection becomes a higher priority in the four corners of the globe, it is important to have a trusted partner to work closely together obtaining mutual project goals.

NBS team members have safely worked all around the world, and we combine that global experience with the establishment of a local country presence for all of our major projects. As the new worldwide leader, we do not “blow-and-go” on a project but instead develop, establish, and maintain a long term presence in a country in concert with our operating customers.

We are a true global company and have already established entities or partners in Australia, Brazil, and China with partnerships forming in Morocco. Furthermore, we are investigating project and country potential for establishing additional international entities to expand our Geographic Reach.


To discuss a particular international project including project feasibility and/or a budget cost estimate, please email us