Why NBS?

The NBS Competitive Advantage: We have differentiated ourselves from the existing industry players, and NBS is becoming the new worldwide leader because we:

  • Offer a better, faster, and cheaper HDPE lining solution
  • Work closely with our trusted partners to offer the most competitive price possible
  • Are possessed by safe operating performance to the point that if any step is to be taken on a project, it is to be done safely…or not at all
  • Adhere to the highest quality standards to guarantee that every aspect of a project is done once…because it is done right the first time
  • Will be the first and only HDPE lining company with ISO 9001 certification, rather than simply relying on our material suppliers’ certificates
  • Have an unfailing commitment to the environment by helping prevent pipeline leaks and by leaving our jobsite in better condition than when we arrived
  • Are continually developing new methods and advanced technologies to provide even better, faster, and cheaper solutions for our customers and partners

Risk Mitigation: NBS is the “new” start-up company in the HDPE lining industry, and the team is comprised of the “best-of-the-best” in the business with extensive management, project, and installation experience. NBS team members are able to exploit their competitive drive and exert their customer-caring philosophy to build stronger relationships and strive toward complete customer satisfaction. Additionally, all of our skilled employees are owners of NBS, so they each take every step necessary to help ensure success of our customers which ensures the success of their company. Finally, NBS works with some of the world’s leading industry and academic consultants to guarantee project success, to continually improve our product and service offering, and to develop new and better solutions to our customer’s increasingly complex internal pipeline problems.

Trusted Partnership: We strive to develop deep-seated and long-standing relationships with our partners whether they are traditional suppliers, agents, general contractors, or customers. As a trusted partner, NBS has no sense of entitlement and has no desire to take as much as possible from a customer/project before leaving site and country. Rather, by working together, we strive to offer a better solution and to add more value for everyone involved -- all at a lower overall cost to our customer.